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NUMA is one of Africa’s acceleration and incubation leaders.

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Startups supported since 2014


Aspiring entrepreneurs trained

80 +

Local experts and mentors

25 +

Doping partners

Why choose NUMA?

In exchange for a 5% equity interest, NUMA provides each incubated start-up with :

Top Mentorship & Experts

- 1-on-1 weekly coaching with our Entrepreneur in Residence
- On demand access to external experts
- Access to our network of 250+ international experts for weekly mentoring sessions through 1-on-1 sessions


- Open access to NUMA's corporate partners
- Qualified introductions to 100+ companies in NUMA's client portfolio


- Free office space & amenities in the heart of Casablanca
- Access to NUMA’s foreign offices and partnering accelerators/incubators (Casablanca, Moscow, Bangalore, Barcelona, Mexico City, Paris)

Financial Support

- Reimbursable loans (5k€ to 10k€) for selected startups – financed by partners (Reseau Entreprendre Maroc, Soleterre)
- Potential seed funding investment for high impact startups by our partner Impact Lab (50k€ to 150k€ by startup)


Life access to NUMA's international Alumni network: You are now part of the family !

How does our program work


Washing Machine


What is it?
  • Review the key elements of your business (need, target segment, market)
  • Clarify your solution and how it works
  • Build a preliminary Business Plan
  • Define your goals and action plan for the incubation program

Working with a sense of urgency is core to the success of an early-stage start-up. The same applies to your time with us. The purpose of the first month is to expose you to experienced entrepreneurs and mentors to dive deep into your project, product and business model.

During this month we diagnose each other and decide whether we want to keep on working together for the rest of the incubation program.

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Action & Growth


What is it?
  • Get to know your users and define your first segment
  • Build and test your product specifications
  • Understand your market and your target value chain
  • Define and test your economic model
  • Define your business KPIs

The following 3-11 months are a high-pressure test-and-learn phase. In-house experts and successful peers will sit with you to make sure you execute successfully and don't sink weeks into non-core issues.

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Visibility & long term


What is it?
  • Build your business case
  • Learn to communicate
  • Build and nourish your network

The objective of this final lane is to prepare the startups to develop partnerships which you will need to start and grow yoru business.

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We're looking for startups solving global problems

We strongly believe that great entrepreneurs can - and will - fix the global problems of 2030, as long as their vision and execution are coherent.
Among these problems :
Water and waste
Transparency and security

Is this program for me?

NUMA is looking for exceptionally talented and ambitious founders looking to build unique and ambitious businesses :

• Projects must be innovative and scalable
• Teams must have the required skills adequacy and complementarity
• At least one team member must commit to the project full time
• Candidates must have at least developed a prototype and started collecting market feedback
• Project cash burn must last throughout the program
• Solo founders are accepted only for startups that are not yet active on the market.
• All industries are considered, as long as teams agree to good social, environmental and governance practices

They could be your mentors

You have access to a carefully selected network of industry experts (Education, Finance, IoT, eCommerce, Virtual Reality, FashionTech, Energy, Agribusiness, Health care, Tourism..) but also French & International entrepreneurs. More than 250 of them are ready to inspire & help you. We find the best advisors for you, to foster your growth during your time and after. They got your back.





CEO Morocco ~ Endeavour
Ghita Benessahraoui

Manager and Consultant ~ People In Action
Anas Guennoun

CEO Morocco ~ The Abraaj Group
Smael Sebti

Tarik Fadli

Fondateur & CEO ~ ALGO Consulting Group
Julien Girault

Consultant ~ Strategy, Investment, Finance
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NUMA supported them


Our technical partners

Numerous offers from more than 25 partners

The team

Leyth Zniber

Co-founder & CEO
Mouna Boujmal

Ecosystem Manager
Zineb EL Abbassi

Junior Analyst


What does NUMA provide?

In exchange for a 5% equity stake, each start-up participating in the 5-month program will benefit from:

• Free office space & amenities
• Exchange program inside NUMA and partners accelerators/incubators (Casablanca, Moscou, Bangalore, Barcelone, Mexico City, Paris)
• Perks from NUMA Doping Partners: more than 25 partners
• Free legal advice from Jeantet & Associés in Casablanca
• Microsoft BizSpark access / 200$ per month of free Cloud space
• Access to all workshops and events organized by Numa World, NUMA Casablanca
• Access to NUMA international network and alumni
• Access to an international network of experts and mentors from our partners (XHub organizer of Devoxx Maroc, Reseau Entreprendre Maroc, Microsoft World Skills for Africa, etc...)
• Potential Loan (5k€ - 10k€) for selected start-ups – financed by partners (REM, Soleterre)
• Potential seed Investment (50k€ - 150k€) for selected high impact startups.

How to apply?

When to apply?

You can now apply to NUMA Casablanca Incubation Program at any time. We’ll reply to you in less than 4 weeks. We have a continuous evaluation process, reviewing your applications and sending it to our experts for evaluations as soon as you submit it to us.

We fill in the positions after each round of interviews. If we select 15 awesome startups in the first rounds, we will still be conducting the next rounds of 1-to-1 interviews but the startup selected in this late round will be entering the following Season.

Note that startups that submit early before the deadline have a significant advantage because we have more time to study their applications.

Note that if you apply after the deadline of a Call for Applications, your candidacy will be included for the following season.

How is the selection done?

The selection process consists of three steps starting from your F6S application. Only complete applications are evaluated. Applications are reviewed by NUMA team and sent to be scored by 3 evaluators. The score your project receives reflects various key factors of success including your team, experience, market and product. Depending on your score, you may be invited to participate to a web conference interviews in the semi-finals, then finals.

Next Seasons applications close: 14 April 2017 (to be confirmed)

Semi-finals : End of April 27 March (to be confirmed)

Finals: End of April 2017 (to be confirmed)

Season 3 starts: 8 May 2017 (à confirmer)

What’s the selection process?

One-on-one interviews or web-conference interviews

During the interviews you’ll be invited to pitch in front of a jury of experts eager to know more about your project and your team. The pitch should last no more than 5 minutes followed by a 15-minute Q&A session. Obviously we’d much prefer meeting you in person at NUMA. However should you not be available to attend in person, we can arrange a video-conference. Keep in mind that both connection problems and sound quality can end up impacting the presentation.

Results are usually communicated within a week.

Formal agreement

If you’ve made it through the evaluations and get invited to the semi finals, along with our sincere congratulations you’ll receive an agreement detailing the program’s conditions and a bunch of legal documents regarding our future partnership. You’ll need to confirm that you accept those terms and conditions should you make it throuh to the finals

Can I meet with you?

Unfortunately we can’t meet in person with every startup that wants to take part in the program. There are just too many. Essentially the NUMA application process is the way we decide which of them to meet in person.

I’m concerned that if I apply, you won’t protect my intellectual property. Should I be worried about this?

No you shouldn’t. NUMA is committed to protecting the confidentiality of the applications it receives. Rest assured, we have no interest in sharing your application with non-evaluating parties.

Do we need to write a business plan?

No, you don’t have to write a business plan. All you have to do is to complete the F6S application form. You’ll have to fill out information about your business, the team, the market…

What kind of startups are you selecting?

What kind of startups are you going to choose?

NUMA’s incubation program is dedicated to early stage startups at the seed or early-growth stage. The program doesn’t have any specific industrial focus. Incubated startups operate in a wide range of sectors which provides us with a wealth of industrial insights. We ask all our startups across sectors to commit to a charter of good social and environmental governance practices that we share with you along with the rest of the legal documents.

I’m a single founder. Can I still get accepted into NUMA, or do you only look for teams?

Although the selection process isn’t narrowed to that single criteria, the team plays an important role in our evaluation. NUMA is looking for great teams with talented founders who have, or can attract, the core skills their businesses will need to be successful.

This criteria becomes even more important for startups that are already active on the market, where the team needs to deal with day-to-day operations in parallel with the program.

We feel we’re more advanced than other startups. Will we still get something out of the program?

We help early stage startups all along their journey to KPIs that are fundable by VC investors. Whether they are in the product design phase, market testing their product, growing their client or use base or even looking for VC funding. A number of startups we incubate have a fully-developed product or generate revenues when they join the program. We work with them on their go-to-market strategy, business model, provide qualified introductions to corporates in our network or advise them on their funding strategy.

No matter where you’re starting from, we adapt to your needs and you will extract significant value from the program.

Does my company need to be incorporated before joining the program?

No, your company doesn’t need to be incorporated to join NUMA. This won’t influence in any way your application. Your company’s incorporation can be done at any point in time during the first 2 months of the program. Partnering law firms will be able to assist you with the paperwork.

I’m not Moroccan; can you help with visa issues?

Sorry, visa procedures are outside our area of expertise ! However we can introduce you to immigration agents previous startups have been working with or simply guide you to the relevant public institutions. If anyone on your team requires a visa for their 5-month stay in Casablanca you should start your visa application procedures as soon as your participation is confirmed.

What is happening during the 5-month program?

Do I have to be in Casablanca during the entire incubation program?

Yes, we require you to be in Casablanca. Much of the program’s value hinges on your presence in town to attend events organised for you (scrums, coaching sessions, speed-dating with corporates…). Being physically close to NUMA will also allow you to leverage all the informal opportunities with our mentors, alumni, corporate partners, angel or VC funds which visit NUMA from time to time.

Who are the experts?

NUMA works with a wide network of 250 experts with complementary profiles to ensure incubated startups have access at all times to all the expertise their project needs. Those experts are either web entrepreneurs, industrial experts or specialists from one of those areas where educated advice does makes a huge difference, be it, product design, UX, marketing, funding or HR. During the first part of the program, you’ll meet with a lot of them to help you identify those mentors you both need and want to work with. The most important thing is that NUMA is consistently looking for experienced people in different fields with a selective approach. And the match is up to you !

What is a technical partner?

We have +25 offers and promotions from a variety of partnering startups and corporates. Ranging from free pictures with Fotolia, cloud computing services offered by AWS Amazon, free access to recruitment platform… you name it ! All of our startups agree : those offer save them both valuable time and money.

We’ve been accepted into an incubator at the same time as NUMA’s program. Do we have to give up this opportunity or do you accept teams who work from another location?

If your project needs access to specific facilities (Fab Lab..), we completely understand that you’d need to work from other places. However, to make the most of the opportunities the program can provide you, we ask you to not be involved in other incubation or acceleration programs at the same time as ours.

What are the most famous startups that graduated from NUMA’s incubation program?

We’ve accelerated/incubated many great businesses since our beginning so it’s hard to choose! Some of our most renowned startups include Mesagraph ‘acquired by Twitter), Sketchfab, DocTrackr, Bankin’, Zéro-Gâchis, Qunb (acquired by Ve Interactive), Artips, Lima, Agriconomie, Trip’n’drive, Infinit, Augment, Julie Desk, Soundsgood, Tiller Systems, StreamRoot, and Deepomatic.

Your agreement with NUMA

How much does the incubation program cost?

The incubation program is free and provided to you in exchange for a 5% equity stake in your company. It includes mentoring, access for life to our workshops and tutorials, office space for up to 3 people, access to our events and a potential financial support. Please refer to for a full list of the program’s benefits.

Do you take a 5% equity to all startups regardless of their valuation?

Yes. The terms of NUMA’s investment and support are standard and apply to all participating startups.

How does NUMA take 5% in the startups incubated?

NUMA acquires its equity stake from the founders at the shares’ nominal value.

Will I need advice from a lawyer to review the documentation with NUMA?

The contractual arrangements with NUMA have been drafted by lawyers and several batchs of startups have already entered them. Hence we would recommend that you don’t spend too much time or money with this. Naturally if your governance arrangements requires it or if you’d be more comfortable having them reviewed by a lawyer, any partnering law firms could provide you with independent advice.

What if I’m not happy with the incubation program?

It’s fine for both of us if you decide to quit the program within the first 4 weeks. Indeed, during that time, both sides (NUMA or you) can unilaterally end up the incubation protocol and this without cause or compensation.

What happens after the program?

Can I attend NUMA’s workshops, tutorials and mentor sessions after the program?

Absolutely. startups accelerated/incubated at NUMA now have access for life to all educational resources or events designed for startups.

Will NUMA help me raise funds?

Naturally. This is part of our role. Specific workshops are planned during the program to help you understand how to raise funds. We also organised meetups with investors to make sure you get exposed to them.

Our Investment Team will also sit down with you to review your financing options and guide you on the best way forward.

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